About us
About us

Working as part of your team to support the management of your herd.

Advanced Nutrition, founded in 2007, is a leading firm in the field of Nutritional Consultancy. Our main aim, for all of our customers, is to help them increase their profitability.  This is achieved by providing tailor-made practical nutritional and management solutions for each business we are involved with.

The company firmly believes in taking a 360 degree approach to herd nutrition and we are unique in our approach.  The links between nutrition, lameness, cell counts and fertility are undeniable.

It’s relatively easy to get more milk from cows in the short term, but doing it consistently, whilst safeguarding the health and fertility of the herd is a bigger challenge. There is no point in extra milk income if it is all expended with extra feed, veterinary and AI costs. Part of our aim with our customers is to improve the longevity of the herd.

Our reputation is the key to our success and we pride ourselves on making a difference. Our team comes from sound, practical farming backgrounds and we are constantly looking at new approaches and innovations within dairy herd management. 

How we work

Our consultants at Advanced Nutrition will always work as an integral team with yourself and your farm vet, to ensure we are all contributing to the business, adding value, not cost, to the equation.  We accept that making a profit in dairying is not easy, especially with the increases in fixed and variable costs resulting in reduced margins.


Advanced Nutrition works across a wide geographical area in the UK with customers from South Wales to central Scotland.  Clients range in size from smaller traditional farms to the largest and most technical in the country.  Solutions can be found for all manner of farming issues and situations.


We work at a global level and pride ourselves on finding solutions whatever your issue may be on the farm. Our research takes us all over the world to source the right inputs for your business.


Why work with us?
  • Benefit from cutting edge nutrition and management techniques
  • Increase the longevity of your herd
  • Improve your herd's health and profitability
  • Work with a team that's focussed on moving your business forward

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