Working as part of your team to sustainably move your farm forward

Advanced Nutrition believe in a sustainable future, as we work together with our clients to improve efficiencies on farm through better animal health and nutrition.

Already, across the supply chain we are seeing a focus on the sustainability of ruminant livestock production because of the overall greenhouse gas emissions that this sector produces. The industry is innovating at high speed to deliver more from less. Efficiency is key, but efficiency without sustainability is not an option.

As an independent feed supplier and management consultancy to farms across the UK, we work together with both our suppliers and our farms to help improve sustainability.

We believe that with an integrated approach it is possible to reduce the gap between genetic potential and animal performance. With a focus on the newborn animal right through to a producing adult, we can be more efficient but with less use of feed and resources and therefore help towards a reduction in emissions. At Advanced Nutrition we have a combined approach that looks at many aspects of herd management including, animal health, the environment, forage management, bespoke nutrition, and farm economics to make sure our future farmers have a sustainable future and a sustainable world to live in.

We see our suppliers as extensions to our business and have close working relationships with them. We expect them to uphold the highest ethical standards and company values. They each have a policy on sustainability, please get in touch with us if you would like further information.

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