"Advanced Robot were the first company with a dedicated robotic division and were able to pull data out of the robots regularly to make improvements on farm."

Alistair Padkin, Padkin's Jerseys

The transition from parlour to robots was a big change to our business but it was reassuring to have Eoghan Mullery from Advanced Robot on board to push us and really maximise margin.

Grant Neilson, Park Farm

In just a month with the Advanced Robot team, visits have improved from 2.9 to 3.2

Robert Staveley - Throstle Nest Farm

"We wanted to improve our overall cow health and mobility, so we worked together with Advanced Nutrition. Their Advanced Mobility program helped to give us a true understanding of the lameness and mobility issues we had within the herd. Each month the team mobility scored the herd which meant they could also identify any cows that the foot trimmer needed to focus on before they got lame. This, along with the overall experience of the program meant that we have easily identified issues that we can now prevent and manage to improve mobility and reduce overall herd lameness."

Dairy Herd Manager and Owner from Cheshire

Previous to Richard working with us we were struggling to get above 30/31 litres. Richard came in looked at the robot settings, the cow’s environment and nutrition. We saw an immediate response and an uplift in milk. We went from 31- 36 litres in very little time and it was down to Richard getting the diet right. 

Mr Booth - Raygill Moss Farm

Advanced Robot have helped us transition onto the automated milking system with impressive results. The team has a clear understanding of how the whole system needs to work, from the cow and her health right through to the robot settings. The cows are healthy and performance is terrific.

Robert & Craig Sloan - Shawsmuir, Dumfries & Galloway

Advanced Robot’s experience means they are always challenging me to get the best out of the cows, they maintain the herd’s health status whilst also improving performance.

Gregor Colquhoun, Dendoldrun Farm

We’ve been happy to have Advanced Robot join our team, we are really starting to see the benefits of their experience. We’ve achieved the target of 2.8 visit average whilst grazing with the ABC system.

Ben Mason, Merrivale Farm

"Milk yield increased significantly from 29 to 35 kilograms, but milk solids have also been sustained at 4.6% butterfat and 3.4% protein, with total milk solids at 2.73 kilograms sold."

Richard Baker, Close Turf Farm

After Advanced Nutrition's advice and using DC X-Zel for our transition cows we have found they are fitter and healthier. They don’t lose much condition after they calve, right through to lactation. They just calve down better.

Neil & David Kidd - Booth Hall, Lancaster

We feel that by working with Advanced Nutrition, they are always looking at the bigger picture. They help us to plan ahead as well as keeping the Jersey herd running day-to-day. New ideas on management of the herd are always coming from Advanced Nutrition.

Calum McGinley - Ingleston Farm

Before working with Liz we were introducing the calves to a milking cow diet when they were weaned. Liz changed this to a straw and cake diet and we’ve seen great results. DLWG is good, we are gaining an additional 0.15kg and they are growing into a good frame rather than being pot-bellied.

Jim Booth - Raygill Moss Farm

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