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Advanced Parlour

Advanced Parlour - Targeting the 50 Tonne Cow

Advanced Parlour was launched to service dairy farmers milking through a parlour system.

The division builds on our founder’s 30 years experience in the dairy sector, feeding thousands of herds milked in a parlour system.  We offer farmers a way to increase profitability by looking at the farm as a whole business, considering all aspects of the cows’ life cycle, ensuring each cow in your herd has a long life – targeting the 50 tonne cow.

We want to work with our clients to produce healthy cows that go on to produce milk for up to five lactations, which taking an average of 10,000 litres per year gives you 50 tonnes produced over a lifetime. The UK currently has an average cull rate of 33%, we work with farms to reduce that to 20%.

We determine where the bottlenecks are on the farm looking at three key areas - bespoke nutrition, cow comfort and herd longevity. 


Our total farm approach considers the connections between nutrition, cow comfort and herd longevity, providing the key to unlocking the true potential and profitability on your farm.

Performance Audit

Our experienced team are skilled at assessing dairy farms to pinpoint areas for improvement. Using their hands-on practical knowledge of cows and a whole farm approach, the Advanced Parlour Audit offers a detailed assessment of your business. The study highlights the three areas of the triangle – cow comfort, bespoke nutrition and herd longevity to look at a balanced way forward, unique to your farm.

Using a combination of tools to assess your unit against industry standards, the report will highlight areas for improvement, advise where we can make a difference to cow longevity and assess where margins can be increased.

We will look at:

  • Parlour settings
  • Access milk data
  • Management practice
  • Forage management
  • Heifer rearing
  • Cow health & welfare
  • The transition period
  • Cow comfort & environment
  • Building layout

Advanced Parlour Performance Report

For continuous improvement of your business we offer a monthly service which measures specific KPIs against mutually agreed benchmarks. This detailed, analytical report provides key insights to your cows’ performance.

Each farm we work with is different and each has different targets to benchmark against. What it improves for all farms is retention rates of the cow, to ensure each cow lives a long life. For the clients that use this service already, the difference to their bottom line has been significant.

The report gives a real time insight into what is happening on your farm and is the most important management tool you will use.

To find out more about improving your herd’s health, please contact us at the office.





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