Advanced Robot Visit Fullwood

The Advanced Robot Team on a research and technical visit to Fullwood Packo

Advanced Robot Visit Fullwood

Advanced Robot Visit Fullwood 

The team went on an educational visit this week to Fullwood Packo to see the Merlin being made. 

Fullwood have been designing Robotic Milking Systems for dairy farms for over 20 years, so it was a really interesting visit.  We were invited on to the production floor and were taken through the making of the Merlin Robots. The design and success of the robot is built around productivity, milk quality and efficiency.  We were certainly impressed and their philosophy certainly fits in with our own services at Advanced Robot.


Our team offer a tailored three point program to encompass everything from robot settings, to nutrition, to health and shed design. It's a management support program to help farms maximise productivity following robot installation. We also offer a feasibility service pre-robot installation, for anyone who is looking to invest in robotic milking systems.

The team are highly experienced in robotic milking systems with expertise not just in nutrition but in the technical set up of the robots and their continual management. They look to balance these three key areas to deliver brilliant results on farm.

Why not get in touch with us today to find out more? You'll find the team details on the right hand side of our Advanced Robot page.


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