Mark Gorst | Ruminant Nutritionist

Mark Gorst

Mark’s key focus is maximising forage potential to improve overall herd health.

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Mark Gorst brings over two decades of expertise, working as a ruminant nutritionist in the heart of Cumbria and Lancashire. Since graduating from Harper Adams back in 1996, he's helped numerous farms from parlour systems to robotics and intensive housed to extensive grazing systems, to maximise animal health and profitability.

Mark pays close attention to data and numbers, but he also has a deep understanding of cow behaviour, which enables him to make a difference on farm. Having hailed from a farming background, he has a friendly and understanding approach which means he fits well into the farm team.  

His key focus areas?

Maximizing forage potential to keep input costs in check and to optimise herd health.

Performance monitoring analysing the data against herd behaviour.

Transition management, ensuring the best nutritional and environmental care at this critical period.

Optimising mobility, to keep your cows milking.


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