Richard Bainbridge | Ruminant Nutritionist

Richard Bainbridge

Richard hails from a pedigree dairy background and has extensive knowledge of cattle management. He specialises in cow comfort to ensure a whole farm approach…

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Hailing from a pedigree farm background Richard has extensive knowledge in cattle management and has worked in the Ruminant Sector for a number of years. As a Cow Signals Master Trainer, Richard understands the importance of time spent watching your herd. This gives him an expert insight into the herd’s that he works with, enabling him to improve herd health and profitability.  Richard is also a First Step Assessor and an approved RoMS AHDB Mobility scorer.

Richard is really passionate about cow comfort as well as the company's whole farm approach to healthy cows in order to increase herd logevity. He's a great believer in detail and finding the small things that make the big things happen.


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