Rosie Miller-Hawkes | Ruminant Nutritionist

Rosie Miller-Hawkes

Rosie’s extensive technical experience, combined with her practical on farm role, provides our customers with the best in well-balanced support.

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DDI 015242 63139



Rosie grew up with a love of farming and at the age of 15, she started working at Dairy units across North Wales before going to University. Rosie has a BSc (hons) degree in Agriculture from Harper Adams, tailored to animal nutrition. Rosie worked in the technical team at Trouw Nutrition, becoming a mineral specialist and later focusing on formulations. She joined Advanced Nutrition in 2021.

“I was keen to join the team at Advanced Nutrition, their consultative approach puts animal health at the centre – it’s certainly not just about selling feed! We look at the whole system, not just nutrition, to produce, healthy, profitable cows.”



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