Forage Seeds

Advanced Nutrition focus on animal health through our 360 degree approach. Not only do we look at animal feeds and nutrition but we take things back to the roots looking at seeding right through to feeding. We evaluate your forages to ensure maximum efficiency and increased milk yield.

We have access to a wide variety of forage seeds suitable for dairy farming. We look at your cows nutritional needs and the location of the farm to consider issues such as topography and climate., before recommending products.

A seeding program may include the mainstays of grass and clover as well as buffer crops like turnips, kale, forage rape, forage rye, forage peas, turnips, swedes and Lucerne.

Well-managed forages can provide your farm with cost-effective sources of nutrients for dairy feeding. Why not ask the team today how we can get more milk from your forage?


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