Sil-All 4x4+

Sil-All 4x4+

Sil-All 4X4+ is an organic approved product comprised of 4 bacterial strains and 4 enzymes to enhance forage preservation during ensiling. It suits a wide range of forages.

Key Features

  • covers a wide range of dry matters and crop species
  • contains 4 bacterial strains and 4 enzymes
  • an organic approved multi-strain silage additive
  • available as a granular, water soluble and Flexible Volume Application (FVA) rate product


  • preserves nutrients, proteins and digestibility
  • contains enzymes to improve release of sugars
  • improves the rate of efficiency of fermentation for better dry matter protection
  • improves palatability and dry matter intakes
  • improves milk production
  • improves live weight gains
  • its unique formulation containing the bacteria, Propionibacterium acidipropionic, enables Sil-All 4x4+ to kill yeast and moulds not just in the clamp but also through to feed out

How to use

Both Sil-All 4x4+ and Sil-All 4x4+ FVA come in 200TT (4 x 50TT) boxes

Sil All 4x4+
Application of this product is recommended at 2 L/T

Sil-All 4x4+ FVA
This Flexible Volution Application (FVA) feature, allows an application rate from 0.05 L/T up to 2 L/T

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